Wilmington, DE
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Drupal Content Management System (CMS) allows users to login and create, update, or delete website pages from a web browser. You can easily edit site text, design elements, organize pictures and more without any programming experience. The system is customized to fit your needs and can have many powerful features, including blogs, forums, e-commerce, online calendaring and more.


We are a team of professional programmers who take a consultative and hands-on approach to writing code that meets requirements and specifications. We tend to work on large projects and enjoy the challenge of solving complex technical issues. While creating a static HTML/CSS website is within our skillset, it's not something we prefer to do. 

We enjoy projects that involve programming and writing code. The majority of our engagements tend to be built on either the Drupal framework or Ruby on Rails. We have years of experience with LAMP systems administration and are very familiar with maintaining and supporting high-traffic websites. See our page on Other Technologies for the full scope of our skillset. 

It depends on the complexity of requirements and specifications as well as our own internal backlog. We always create a detailed project plan and have weekly status meetings for every engagement so you will know estimated start and finish dates.

Our philosophy is to provide value through excellence. We work with clients that share our commitment to high-quality, long-term, client-focused relationships. While our prices are competitive, we're not the lowest-priced development shop out there. If you're looking for something cheap, or if your business model revolves around offering low-priced websites, we're probably not the best solution for you.