Wilmington, DE
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About CodeMyDesigns.com

CodeMyDesigns specializes in technical consulting, software development, and systems administration. 

CodeMyDesigns was born from a simple observervation: programmers don't like to design and designers don't like to code. Started in 2006, we are a team of U.S.-based programmers committed to excellence, success and client satisfaction. We have experience working in a number of technologies and industries and pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and adapt technology to meet requirements. 


Robert J TownsendR.J. Townsend is the managing partner of CodeMyDesigns, the author of Foundation Drupal 7, an adjunct professor at Wilmington University, and has been working professionally on web applications and systems for 10+ years. He earned his masters degree in quantitative psychology and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Delaware. He is the primary point-of-contact for clients and leads all engagements. You can follow R.J. on twitter at www.twitter.com/rjtownsend or read his blog here.